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18 October 2002 TNS
Telnet Streamer 3.3.2 for Windows®; is released. There are the following changes:

  • GUI : Fixed URL parsing;
  • GUI : Fixed sticking;
  • Updated a screenshot;
  • Removed old news;
  • Removed a guestbook because it does not work :);

25 September 2002 tns
Telnet Streamer for Windows®; 3.3.0 is released. There are the following changes:

  • GUI & Console : Terminal emulation fixed;
  • GUI : Added an ability to change colors;
  • XNS : New xterm emulator (beta);

13 September 2002 TNS
TelNet Streamer for Windows®; 3.2.5 is released. There are the following changes:

  • GUI & Console : Terminal emulation fixed;
  • DOS telnet updated;
  • Fixed setup procedure;
  • Removed old downloads;
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* Features
A very simple telnet client in GUI and console format that allows the user to open and maintain multiple sessions. Console Telnet Client is optional and may be disabled while setup process. Features for all of them are the same:
  • vt100, vt102, vt220 terminal emulation
  • ANSI color
  • local printing
  • personal FTP server
  • XYZ modem file transfer protocol (for console version only)
  • Any code pages
  • Configurable colors (for GUI version only)
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NOTE: Telnet Project for Windows®; are FREE programs and NOT REGISTERED for use in business, commercial environment. For evaluation purposes only.

* Installation

Just run tnsetup.exe and follow setup instructions. Some installation errors:

  1. If the GUI telnet (tns.exe) fails at startup because missing ws2_32.dll. You have got no Winsock 2 installed on your system. Update Winsock from Microsoft, or update your Windows®; 95 to OSR 2.1 or later. Windows®; 98 and Windows NT®; has Winsock 2 library.
  2. If you get an error message like this The ordinal 6491 could not be located in the dynamic link library MFC42.DLL download setup program with MFC library and don't forget to reboot your system.
* Download
* Contacts
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